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Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?

You're Kyou - the cat.
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wie Karies- verursachend süüüß...
24.3.08 21:58


Title: What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

Rating: Young Adult | Avg Vote: 4.73 | Type: quiz
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Kind Slytherin (Trapped In The Right House For The Wrong Reasons):
House: Slytherin
Best Friend(s): Draco, Blaise, and Cedric.


Harry: Isn't friends with you, but wishes he was.
Ron: Asked you to stay at his house for the summer, claiming it was part of a "school experiment".
Hermione: Admires your ability to break free from common school steroetypes.
Oliver Wood: Has had a crush on you ever since you came to one of his Quidditch games wearing Gryffindor colors (the match wasn't against Slytherin, though).
Fred and George Weasley: Aren't you're close friends, but not distant ones either. You hang out with each other during school, but not over summer.
Seamus Finnigan: Tries to impress you so that you'll like him.
Neville Longbottom: Wishes Ginny were as kind as you are.
Dean Thomas: Doesn't know you very well, but still likes your companionship.
Ginny Weasley: Thinks that if you were her friend, she would be more popular than ever (so she's constantly and annoyingly by your side).
Parvati Patil: Laughs at your jokes and comments even when they're not directed anywhere near her.
Padma Patil: Wonders if she would be like you if she were in Slytherin.


Cedric Diggory: Met you when he was in third year when he accidently bumped into you and knocked you down. He was surprised when you apologized, and ever since you've been almost inseperable.


Cho Chang: Doesn't know that you're kind because she avoids you.


Draco Malfoy: Envies that you know how to express your feelings to everyone. He wishes you would teach him to be more like you, even if he doesn't act like it on the outside. He tried to ask you out once, but you weren't falling for his slick charm (you know him better than anyone else).
Crabbe: Only knows who you are because of Draco's rantings.
Goyle: Same as Crabbe.
Pansy Parkinson: Thinks you're a disgrace to the house of Slytherin.
Marcus Flint: Worships the ground you walk on.
Blaise Zabini: Is your best friend after you spilled your heart out to him outside near the lake. He found it amazing that you hated to be judged and disliked only because you were in Slytherin. Recently, he's tried to get you to notice that he wants to be more than your friend, but you never notice because Cedric or Oliver always manage to steal you away.


Dumbledore: Is extremely proud of the way you've handled your situation.
Professor McGonagall: Doesn't know you very well, but sees past the stereotype of your house and treats you kindly.
Professor Flitwick: Admires your skills in his subject.
Professor Trelawney: Secretly hates that you are more liked than she is.
Professor Snape: Adores you, even though you aren't cruel and evil.
Filch: Ignores you because he's jealous of you're popularity.

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das gabs nich besser
24.3.08 21:59

Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people

You are dead inside and don't experience sadness that often
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wie hab ich das bekomm? O_o
24.3.08 22:01

What Do You Need in Your Life? [dark pics]

You need guidance.
You have become very confused in your life right now and are unable to make decisions that pleases you. You may resort to drastic measures as harming yourself, but the situation doesn't seem to get any better by whatever method you are using for now. There is a pain inside because of this and you feel helpless in your life, thinking you will never find your way back. But even though the path may seem dark you still try to find yourself, which means your inner battle is not over.
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ich hör mich an wie ein emo *schauder*
24.3.08 22:02

What Power is Compatible With You? [beautiful anime pictures + 12 detailed results]

~*~Result nr 10~*~

Your power is: Time Control

Explanation: You have the ability to freeze, push forward or go back in time. In good purposes it is used to prevent bad deeds, and the opposite for evil purposes.
As a person your emotional level has been on hold. For one reason or another emotions has reduced and now you aren't so full of life. And of course, this does not sadden you since you could care less. Sometimes though you can be hit by emotioal waves inside but you block it all out. You don't search for something that could make you happy since you have no hope in that area any longer. People probably see you as annoying because you're not involved and just stand there. You probably don't have that many friends either, and you feel like you are with them because that's what you normally do. You stick to your habits and don't appreciate changes.
Negative aspects: One day all emotions are gonna surface again, and that day will be very painful. Instead it is more wise to start up the emotional level bit by bit, so it won't come as a big chock.

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Ich bin kein emo! (nur damit wir das mal klären können...ein bisschen depressiv ab und zu vielleicht, aber KEIN emo!!!)
24.3.08 22:04

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